What if...

�What if I could invite you to browse a 20,000 sample �trade-only�
Wholesale flooring showroom?

Interested? You should be!�
(you have absolutely nothing to lose but very much to gain. Read on...)

Through your new association with Project Carpet Inc. we are quite able to �get you inside� a TRADE ONLY wholesale flooring showroom.  You can�t walk in off the street, they would ask you, in fact demand, that you leave.  But properly introduced and partnered with Project Carpet you will have access to over 20,000 fresh large samples of carpeting, wood, laminates, and resilient flooring.  Cork.  Marmoleum.  Rubber.  Just about every flooring type that you can think of.  You will find no retail street storefront with a bigger or better selection.

How does it work?  Project Carpet simply will register you as a visiting client.  We will give to you a laser coloured explicit driving map as part of our letter of introduction, and most importantly we will give to you your own appointment card.  Now don�t surprise my wholesale partners... they ask as a courtesy that you call them first and give them a rough idea of when you will be visiting.  That makes good sense.  Always respect that please.  Just show your special card at the front counter and the showroom is yours to wander.  Rather efficient shopping I suggest.

Do you need help?  Your Project Carpet representative can rendez-vous with you at the wholesale showroom and walk you through the variety of options.  We can do your site measure, and drawings, and calculations.  We can guide and advise.  In fact we can give AS MUCH SERVICE AS YOU REQUEST.  That is our livelihood and we are happy to assist.  We can look after your entire project, start to finish, pickup, delivery, installation, tradesmen.  And like every business we factor our services into our quotations to you.  That is upfront fair, agree?

Or, you may be the kind of shopper that likes to be left alone.  That�s just fine too.  You �call all the shots� regarding your project.  I can authorize and setup for you to EVEN BUY DIRECT for the absolute sharpest bargains that I can muster.  You discuss this with us first.  You are a tough, diligent shopper and are comfortable looking after your own needs.  That is just fine with us. BUY AS MUCH SERVICE AS YOU NEED, OR BUY AS LITTLE SERVICE AS YOU WANT. In other words we just put you back in control of your own flooring project.  That is about as civilized and as upfront as we can be with you.  

Why do we do it?  We�re a specialist and, yes, a bit smaller than the big, loud, advertising carpet retailers.  We run a tight, clean, efficient operation with our own proprietary systems and paperwork.  (We�re good if I may say so!).  My wholesale partner permits me to utilize their facility this way, in fact encourages the traffic.  They enjoy your business, we enjoy your business, you have shopped �from the inside fast lane� of this industry.  Don�t miss the invitation!!  So shop exactly where the designers and decorators and trades do their shopping.

Register your floor project with me today and I will set up your first wholesale visit.

-Robert Mislan
President, Project Carpet Inc.

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