Yes, we do a lot of fresh carpet work, and a rapidly growing number of laminate projects... but we are also quite able and willing to service (what I call) specialty floor needs...

What is superbly colourful ? and extremely tough? and creatively versatile? MARMOLEUM LINOLEUM by Forbo. All natural. 2metre wide sheet goods. (ask us specifically about the "Yellow Brick Road" at Mississauga's new 'Character Warehouse'.

Raised pattern and textured RUBBER SLAB SHEET OR TILES. Serious performance.
(ask us about Harbour Square Condominium's parking corridors, or Canadian Tire Corporation's computer services control room, or the Sean Boutilier Academy of Dance installation)

Vinyl Commercial Tiles (VCT) are an exceptionally durable yet very affordable flooring option. An immense colour-bank too! Be creative (may we tell you about Bloordale United Church in Etobicoke, or Vibra Finishes Inc. in Mississauga)

Need something impervious to the elements? Ask to see our range of NEEDLE-PUNCHED ribbed and textured matting products. Tough but pretty. (A great story about the Cooper Golf Simulator walls, an incredibly "fun" and unique job for us)

Real flat-woven all-natural SISAL.

Custom bordered and custom carved AREA RUGS designed specific to your decor requirements.

Leading edge sheet vinyl textures and interpretation.

Specialty walk-off grids.

Hotel-grade exquisite axminster and wilton PATTERNED WOVEN CARPETING. Wool... it is indeed special. (I have a long history with wool... just get me started talking and I can't stop!)

Don't be shy. Talk to us.

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