Where do you want to be?

Good? Better? Best?

Inexpensive? Popular priced? Exotic?

Soft, cozy, and friendly?

Tougher, hardwearing, long-lasting?

Understand that there are thousands of carpeting options multiplied again by tens of thousands of specific colourways. You are going to tell us your needs/ expectations/ budget range. REMEMBER: Don't buy a 'compromise' ..........buy what indeed your expectations dictate. Ask us pointed questions about fibres and twist and backing. And more questions about density and gauge. Don't be shy.

Here are some basic definitions and descriptions for our Residential Carpeting:


This is today's most popular fashion. Other names you may know are cut-pile, plush. textured. Saxonies are very friendly and made from yarns that are twisted and heat-set for durability. These are the proverbial 'toe-wigglers'. Deep, delicious, sexy. Bare foot pleasdurable. Cut piles can instantly dress-up and formalize a home. Does this style work for you? Continuing bestsellers like Gulistan's Crown Plaza and Ashley Heights show off this style best.


Can be harder wearing in higher traffic areas. Clean and crisp. No shading or sueding. Available in every pricepoint and in every fibre system. Ask to see the new sisal-like loops configured in linear or patterned designs. Or don't forget about our industry workhorse, 'Berber', a chunky loop flecked with nubs and slubs of random effect fibres. Ask to see Richmond's Sisal Weave and Sisal Plus, two bestsellers for us!


Take the saxony definition but engineer the surface to be silky smooth and faultless. Instantly put a 'suit and tie' on your home with a velvet's formalizing effect. But you have to like or tolerate a higher degree of sueding and shading as this is an inherent characteristic of velvet cut pile carpet. No apology. Those are similar characteristics to leather suede or upholstery cloth suede or velour. See Gulistan's Litchfield or North Bay.


You will recognize this style by its sculptured, carved surface. it is a computer controlled combinations of cuts and loops in an endless variety of patterns. Some of the new year2000 'tip-sheared' programs are award winners (let me show you Mohawk's American Heirloom Collection)!


This is a style proven by time. It was the benchmark of this industry in the 50's and 60's, and today is enjoying a tremendous resurgence. Extremely textured, this cut-pile carpet is made from tightly twisted yarn. Its dense, pebbly surface is very practical in high traffic areas, and tends to defeat surface shading effectively. Ask to see our deep hardtwist styles like Gulistan's bestseller Kingsley Palace.

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