The experiences of 1000's of jobs teaches one to be sensitive to small site details and, above all, to be upfront with full disclosure to each and every customer.

Let's avoid disappointments.

Let's pre-empt any misunderstandings.

Let's give some 'plain-english' expectations............ (as follows):

ALWAYS do carpet projects BEFORE painting and wallpapering! Carpet is unavoidably bulky, broad, and abrasive. Delicate final finishings MUST FOLLOW CARPET, or you risk and accept possible minor wall trauma. It makes logical complete sense, doesn't it? (E.g. freshly painted baseboards + wall corners are soft+vulnerable for months, not our fault!).

REALITY: Shading and Sueding of cut pile carpeting is an inherent physical reality. Some velvets show markings more ...some textures show markings less. Buy according to your wishes, but please understand that �marking' can never be a basis for a future claim against this project. Agree? Carpet is engineered to be a �soft pile' textile! Thanks

REALITY: Seamwork on your job will be the best possible. Just as everyone tolerates seams in their clothing, seams in their wallpaper, seams in furniture, we ask you to also tolerate carpet seams. We are joining two pieces together. Lighter carpet seams may appear darker simply due to shadowing and the �play' of simple lighting sources. Loops, cuts, and pattern seams will be good, perhaps extremely good, but NEVER invisible. Are you comfortable with this advance disclosure? Thank you.

REALITY: Carpet installers have specific talents handling and configuring carpet. They are NOT furniture movers but we are pleased to assist for a fee shuffling furniture as required. The handling risk always will remain solely yours as the client, and we candidly ask you to govern accordingly! Site liability/risk would otherwise become simply unworkable for anyone entering your home. Remember: we contract for floorwork ...... not professional homemoving.. Thanks!

REALITY: All performance warranties are the sole responsibility of the issuing manufacturer or fibre mill. They test, warrant, and label their own materials. Of course we can guide and direct you in the event of any situation or intrigue!

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