Project Carpet is a flooring-focused business that has grown steadily on the earned strength of client referrals, to our complete delight! We have evolved as a specialty player in the flooring industry competitively servicing private home owners, interior designers and decorators, developers, and many, many businesses.

Let's start by defining what we are NOT:

We are NOT a big-box depot-type 'goliath' warehouse. (We are a specialist. This is our only livelihood. We take your job seriously because we are accountable ........ and that alone should be a comfort to you.)

We are NOT a loud and brazen 'in-your-face' storefront outlet for off-goods. Their hype and misleading 'come-ons' quickly become tiresome and annoying. Agree?? No one will bully you or 'strong-arm' you into a rushed or compromised decision, and that is my promise to you.

We are NOT crippled by burdensome and punishing overhead operating costs. Just think about that. We don't have a $$-hungry retail storefront that we must feed with your money, nor do we incur repetitious expensive advertising costs to 'entice' your loyalty. Remember, customers (you) are paying for all of these costs .... make no mistake about that.

Now, Here's what we do bring to your flooring project:

The guidance and candid advice founded on the experiences of (literally) 1000's of measured projects since 1981. We are not shy to share the realities of our industry if you care to listen. We have serviced virtually every flooring complexity (go ahead .... ask us a tough question)

We come to you. Think about that for a moment. Makes incredible shopping sense, doesn't it? You make a better educated selection and decision surrounded and influenced by your own lighting conditions. (Hard to do that in a depot-type store no matter how much advertising they do).

Most of our manufacturer buying arrangements are 'mill-direct' relationships for the absolute BEST in competitive pricing. We are also state-of-the-art on-line computer interfaced with many of our partners for rapid inventory checking, order placement, and the expediting of shipped goods. We're serious!

We do 'feel good' professional measures + drawings + seamplans. Why? It is obviously good for you but it helps us pre-empt any errors and disappointments, and specifically instructs our installation crews too! We have our very own specialized and copyrighted floor-specific drawing broadsheets for every job.

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